About Us

The unique pieces at f.i n.d.s. will satisfy your desire for high end luxury and superb quality while encompassing sustainability and global kindness. Each piece is hand selected by Danielle Jackson, a forward thinking designer who scours estate sales, auctions and the internet, searching for that perfect find to revive and refresh with clean lines and a casual sophistication that is both modern and retro.

Founded on the desire to provide well-crafted, unique furnishings while maintaining a low environmental impact, f.in.d.s. introduces vintage pieces that have been re-defined with fresh hardware, organic and vintage textiles in contemporary colors and patterns, and environmentally friendly finishes. Some finds are created by local artisans whose work reflects f.in.d.s.’ own design philosophy of quality and sustainability, while others are simply found and presented in their original beautiful form.

Danielle works personally with only the finest craftspeople in the Greater Philadelphia area and they appreciate and encourage her distinctive vision while breathing new life into each piece. She has worked with some of the finest interior decorators and designers while formerly employed at a renowned furniture store in Southern New Jersey. She comes from a lineage of working in the furnishings industry. Her mother has been a dealer of antiquities for many years and her father, who hails from the furniture producing mecca of High Point, North Carolina, has made a lifelong career of transporting and vending furniture along the eastern seaboard. Danielle has the creative drive and undeniable passion to continuously seek and discover a perfect find for which to introduce new form and function that is truly one of a kind.